India Oven brings generations of "family flavor," to Denver!

Located just a "hop—skip and a jump," a few blocks south off the junction of I—25 and Colorado Blvd, India Oven is easy to find, offering lots of free parking at it's front door. With its' colorful hanging lanterns, bright prints and pretty prayer flags criss- crossing the ceiling, India Oven Restaurants family atmosphere is warm and inviting. Children love to spend long moments wistfully gazing into the glass cases, where hand made pendants, rings and bracelets, made up of sterling silver, mother of pearl and semi precious stones capture their eye, while their parents linger over lively conversation, enjoying a cup of soothing Chai, glass of wine or an imported Indian beer.

Ms. Yandi Sherpa has been in the restaurant industry for over l0 years.

Always interested in fine food, she began her culinary career in Nepal before coming to the U.S.A .... She honed her cooking abilities apprenticing in various world class restaurants located in Colorado. Settling in Boulder, Colorado, Ms. Yandi worked at the renowned Sherpa Restaurant in Boulder, for four years, and then at Louisville, Colorado’s popularTibet’s Restaurant for another two years before launching her own family friendly restaurant called, India Oven. Ms. Yandi Sherpa is originally from northern Nepal region, where delicious food feeds the body as well as the soul. This is an area of scenic mountains, fresh air, and natural produce which is the foundation of good food. Generations of Indian and Nepalese influence make the food Ms.Yandi offers, tasty, tantalizing, and appealing to all palates.